I only wore this costume for a 3-minute stage performance, but it gave me a lot of sleepless nights.

My friend Laura (Loony Lovegood) and I were invited to perform at the opening ceremony for the Cosplay Championship finals at Frankfurt Bookfair 2009.

We both cosplayed as Yuuko (from different artworks in the same volume) and chose a 'dream/reality' theme for our skit which involved a magical mirror/doorway.

Sorry there are no pictures yet! I'd like to finish the costume someday (the kimono and the wig still need a lot of detailing fixes) and wear it at a photoshoot. I don't think I'll ever bring it to a convention, it's just way too bulky and elaborate. I can hardly move with the 5ft headpiece on (well I CAN, but I'll stab everyone who gets in my way! ^_^)


There are no photos in this costume yet.

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Series xxxHolic
Character Yuuko
Variant Corals & Falcons (Vol. 7)


SaiyenGirl I concur! I hope you have some pictures as well! I did this costume about...gosh...3 years ago? I love to see how other people did it too!!

Kuromori Oh, PLEASE tell me you have some pictures somewhere!! I'm trying to do this costume for an upcoming convention, And you have no idea how LITTLE reference pictures there are! Like, NO ONE has cosplayed this!!! It's good in it's own way that I want to attempt something so unique, but then I don't have very many people to ask for advice. So if you could give me some pointers, or pictures, I would be so very grateful!