Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



This costume was tricky! I procrastinated on finishing it because it was just so difficult. The underdress is a funny looking thing that looks like a maternity dress. I used a white quilting cotton and dyed the pretty blue gradient. Unfortunately when I washed the dress afterwards, it tinted the whole thing a bit blue (oops). Underneath that is a gathered elastic waist skirt with a ruffle, which is dyed entirely blue. The outer dress was the difficult part. It is made from Casa satin and it wraps around and closes in front with the snowflake pin. It has 2 "tails" in the back and scalloped edges on the top and bottom. These were also very troublesome. The snowflakes and jewels are all butchered Christmas ornaments painted with blue stained glass spray paint. The bugle beads and jewels were all strung on beading floss and tied to the snowflakes. The ears were made out of Wonderflex and covered in pink fabric (inside) and white fuzzy fabric (outside). They are sewn directly to the wig. I chose to wear clear heels to get the dainty look and still appear barefoot. The wig required minimal styling: trimming, straightening, making the bangs more fluffy.


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Chii
Variant manga illustration


Lil-Angelx That is soooooo pretty! :D I think I'm going to take a note from your outfit and incorporate into mine. (: