Pit / Kid Icarus

Super Smash Bros.

I've always loved Pit, since I was about 6 years old - I loved him in Kid Icarus, and Captain N. When he was announced about 2 years ago to appear in Brawl, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to cosplay him and started planning things out. I gathered up all the reference images I could find over time, and set about learning new things to make this dream costume a reality. I worked on the costume over a series of months, on and off, about 50 hours of work went into it - possibly more. All of the leather was hand-tooled with tiny picks, to create an embossed look for the details (which you can't really make out in photos). I learned leather work from a friend of mine who does great leather pieces (negativedreamer), without his good advice I don't think this costume would be up to snuff or have come out nearly as nicely. I thank him tremendously for teaching me leather. All leather pieces were custom-patterned, the leg bracers being the most difficult of the leatherwork but probably the piece I am proudest of - there are custom-made buckles (2 per bracer) that were rivetted in the back to keep them on, so they are accurate in form, function and design. I originally wore my Chibi-Usa wings with this costume, but I finally got around to making the appropriate wings for this costume, smaller, lighter, and actually wearable for long periods of time, with a small and easily concealed harness to keep them on. The trim for the touga was hand-painted - about 6 yards total, both sides. I patterned out the layers for the touga, and it was a pretty simple job to sew it all together and finish it up. The blades are made with wood, patterend out, cut, and then sanded down along the edges. I still have work to do with them. There are a few secrets to this costume for what I used to make this or that, and I'm very happy with the results. It might very well be my favorite costume to date! :D
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Series Super Smash Bros.
Character Pit / Kid Icarus

AVHero Hello! I am absolutely in love with your Pit costume. I am looking to do a Dark Pit for a convention in a few months, and I would greatly appreciate any tips/suggestions/advice you could give me. I have never actually spent a lot of time making a costume and I would like to do so for this one. I would greatly appreciate anything you could provide for me in terms of how i should go about even starting on the costume or props (I would like to do a bow/sword combo similar to yours, plus I'm clueless on wings, and I would like to know how you did the pin on his shoulder/his bracelets). I didn't see anything against the rules about me posting my email, so it is [email protected] If you don't have time to help, I understand, but even a little bit of a nudge would be great. Thank you.

Parti-chan im a very young cosplayer, so i dont have the time, money, or materials to make stuff like the shoes, arm bands, and bow......... any suggestions ;o;? i feel helpless T^T

Mallory wow! This is amazing! You have some really great costumes!

Zoroko This costume got in cosmode! That's so cool!

uchiha naruto This cosplay is super special awesome! How proud you are to wear it really shows. I love all the poses! Your cosplays display serious effort and passion. It's great!

Lucifer You really did a great job on Pit, congrads :)

Elaïse It's an amazing costume^^ Great great job!

krisokami Pit is like my fav characters and u have cosplay him very good. i like the shots also the well made costume. ^^

Aleera Congrats. I was rather speechless seeing your Pitt and all the improvements you kept making. I love all the details and the presence of the costume is strong.

nikoichiban Very nice indeed. I saw you at Metrocon 08, but didn't get to tell you then but great cosplay and great attention to detail.

OwlDepot Congratulations on your own showcase! You really deserve it. But with the passion for a character comes the drive to perfect the costume to its fullest. :) That is clearly noted in your leather details, body language for poses, and great wig.

kalasha That's just amazing! Oddly, I just read an article of the show in a gaming mag yesterday.

FrozenNight I love your Pit and congrats on the showcase! ^_^

Fire Lily Congrats on your showcase. I think your costume is just fantastic ^.^

Kenlink Wilder Yayz, Toki! You got showcased and for Pit!! You must be happy!!

Bur Loire Did I ever mention that I love your cosplays? <3333333 Congrats on the showcase! I can't wait to see you at another con! <3333

Melfina Congrats on making the Showcase Costume! You really pull of Pit to a T! It was also awesome reading the description and learning about all the little details you put into this. So awesome! :D

RipPanther1 This costume came out wonderfully. You make one hot girl and guy! Heh. I saw you at MetroCon, and it was GREAT!

KoriStarfire you did a fantastic job with the costume! I'm very impressed that you did leatherwork too. i also eventually want to do this costume and i can only hope that it'll come out as nicely as yours. You're an inspiration to Pit cosplayers! n.n good job!

Kage Hikari Very good costume, I'm impressed! Especially with the wings, they look very much like Pit's and most of the time people don't manage to pull that off. XD