Diagnosed as Kai Hiwatari

Kai Hiwatari



Cosplayer: Diagnosed
This costume went through two versions, with major upgrades made to almost every part, including the wig! (Thanks double for that again Glay & QuantumDestiny!)

The first was debuted at CNAnime05, which was such a blast! My friends and I got masquerade awards for our Super Sailor Senshi costumes, and I had such a generally awesome time getting pictures of other cosplayers, stalking Kevin Sorbo from afar with QuantumDestiny, getting some great stuff from the dealer's room and watching Stellvia!! (Yay for discovering new animes at cons!) I don't think I could do all that without this awesomely comfortable costume.

I was really happy for the way version 2 turned out. I felt like I learned a lot about patterning by doing it a second time. Glay upgraded my belt buckle as well and I added his ripchord holder and proper shoes. Anime North 2008 was just as exciting, as we did a Friday skit "Beyblade's Back" with a fully-choreographed parody of the Backstreet Boys' song. (I want to do another dance skit 'cause of that!)

When I think about all the silly, spontaneous times we had in our Beyblade group, I get warm and fuzzies all over ^-^!