I loved, and I mean: LOVED Dramacon, it was pretty much the funniest thing I'd read in years, and at the same time, it was so touching! A really well-told, honest, and witty story that is just so unique, I'm so glad I stumbled across this manga ^.^

Cost: EUR 175 / US$ 250


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Series Dramacon
Character Sandra


Narnian This is such an amazing cosplay! I love Dramacon!

Kaire ^.~-<3 You totally made my week, I love Dramacon!! Absolutely one of my favorite manga series ever. Great job you rock the world as Sandra.

QuixoticallyMe HOMG. *0* YOU LOOK AMAZING! Gah, I wanna make a Sandra cosplay, but I'm wondering what to do for the wig... how'd you get it to have such body?! Did you wrap the hair around something for the thick pony tails?

Jonipoon DAT WIG *3*

Hakubi Michi du hast SEHR PRIMA wigs!!!!!!

Teh Pocky Ninja If they ever make a live-action movie of Dramacon, I think they just found one of their actresses :3

rikkatya Stunning Sandra cosplay. You did such a wonderful job with her wig! How many extensions did you have to add?

BlackRose69 THIS. IS. KICK. ASS. I <3 Dramacon.

Kiichigo ... I LOVE you for making this! I was also thinking about doing it because DramaCon is so great that it really deserves to be cosplayed <3 You did a great manga full justice ^^

AanZku very nice ^^ I love your wig <3

Tifakiki7 Your wigs always look so amazing!

nessabutterfly Oh, how CUTE! I love Dramacon! And if a Canadian-written manga can make it all the way to Germany than it MUST be real manga!! (sorry, just reread it the other night and had to help Svetlana's point along!)