Yusuke Urameshi

YuYu Hakusho



The wig was hard to make, but I'm really glad that I went through the trouble of adding his crazy hairline, because I learned a lot!


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Series YuYu Hakusho
Character Yusuke Urameshi


Naiiki I'm gonna agree with everyone else. :) Best Yusuke. <3

Milky&#9734;Milky Your Yusuke is amazing <3~!

VeenyxFoxx yay! yusuke finally found a way to come to our world!! thus the funny confused look he is giving pu as if to ask: "any idea where we are, pu?'' P:"puu..." lol i love it! but alas, love and popularity of cosplaying yu yu hakusho is fading. whhhyyy???! T.T i love this show even though it aired when i was born and didn't know whta the heck was on the moving picture box. ahh im rambling. srry ^^"

Dragulas I love your Yusuke xD

nightfall55 You ARE Yasuke =O

bakausagi Seriously, this has to be one of the best Yusuke costumes I've ever seen. Your wig is styled perfectly...

Domgigi LAWL oh my gosh too awesome. You did a wonderful job here and your portrayal is just amazing!

Thowra Best Yusuke i've ever seen

Spooky_Yuki One of the best! I love the wig! LOL

seawaterwitch So good on styling wig ^^b Great job!!

Ryuu_Senka Totally awesome! It couldn't be more perfect!

Contru I love all your cosplays! I think this is the best one yet! Keep up the good work! Great varity as well!

Anime-King-Zi2 Best one I've seen!!

XoPinkuSpiderxo It's so hard to find a good Yusuke! I hope you got some kind of award for this costume!

AFTER CLOUDIA This is full of so much win. <3 You fit pretty much ALL your costumes, it's amazing. <3

GNB Cosplay Your Yusuke costume is just kick ass XD!

saimon This is so good....it's like Yusuke literally jumped out of the screen into real life. -applause-

green_with_Envy Wow! You're an amazing Yusuke cosplayer! Soooo cuuute~

Hee-Hee Ahh, thank you, everyone. I really appreciate it. ^///^

shattered_song sorry to be repetative...best yusuke EVAR