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As soon as I saw the black and white drawing, I wanted to do this character. She's shapely, there was room for color imagination, and she wears a sari!

So the process went as this:
Nareesha started out on patternmaster software with a shirt pattern and skirt pattern. I darted the shirt in 4 places to give it a form fit. I then attached trims, such as gold-painted blanket binding, gold-painted single-fold bias tape, and furniture trim around the sleeves and collar. Plastic beads were sewn at the points to give a finished look. The lower trim was first stenciled with the freezer paper stencil, using a tutorial from www.craftster.or/blog/?p=94. Glass beads and pearls are sewn in the center pieces. The fabric is peachskin polyester from Joann fabrics.

The skirt used the same trims as the top, including the gold pleated ruffle and gold-painted bias tape. It is darted in the back in four places. The under leotard was made with a patternmaster swimsuit pattern, altered at the bottom with snaps for ease of removal. The sari was made with 3 yards of a Christmas shimmer fabric. The length was too long for the floor, and too short to double. So a piece of the fabric was cut and attached to make the arm holding pieces. Snaps hold the pieces together for ease of movement.
The jewels were made from a combination of model magic, paperclay, and craft resin. The top piece of the crown was made with paperclay, while the smaller pieces were made with model magic. The front headpiece was made with paperclay, and attached to the head with a hairpiece. The gold beads are craft beads. The jewels are resin jewels, with a insert of faceted jewels. Gold rings outline the jewels, and the piece is attached to a headband and covered with trim. The rings are resin jewels, with a foil tagboard backing, held by hot glue. The bracelet are glass beads with an elastic cord, and gold bracelets found and resized for easier fitting. The necklace is paperclay, also with resin jewels. It is attached with a cord.

The wig was made from a $15 dollar wig pulled into a ponytail and glued at the base. Six loose packs of extensions were sewn together to make wefts. It was then attached to the center piece, which is a ponytail cover.


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suiseiusagi Oh wow!! I've always toyed with the idea of playing Nareesha, but never could decide. I'm glad to see someone has done a great job like this! <3

RabidRabbits HELL YES! FINALLY! I have found a totally hot Nareesha! You've made me so happy! :DDD

Kirschwasser Wow, you make a good Nareesha. It's great to see somebody cosplay her.

SayuriChan Great Dress ^^