Shiki Misaki

The World Ends with You

This costume proves the rule of "The difficulty of a cosplay is inversely proportionate to the amount of reference you have, and how easy it looks in that reference".

The two tank-tops were purchased at a store and cut short, then hemmed. The hem is pretty horrible, though, so I plan to use my old friend, heat-bond tape to fix these hems.

The vest was easy to make. I believe I made it out of three pieces. I then covered the lines of the seperate pieces with a single piece of yellow fabric. I made the hood (badly) with a long U and a short U sewn together. I then attached it to the vest, and ran a "shoelace" (a length of bias tape taped at each end) around it, sewing two sides of the hood down to keep it in place.

The skirt was basically just two rectangular pieces sewn together. I then sewed some extra lines with black thread to give it the style of Shiki's skirt. I cut several thin rectangles and sewed them to the skirt for the belt loops, and added buttons to each loop and one in the front of the skirt.

The boots were originally black cowboy-ish boots. I made basic covers made out of a twill-esque fabric, then created two cylinders of fabric and slipped them over the tops of the boots. Here I cut corners--I taped the covers and the boot cuffs to the actual boots on the inside.
I then glued some thick yellow ribbon down the sides of the boots.

The hat was originally a baseball cap. I sewed more of the boot fabric to a striped fabric, then cover the hat and sewed it up. I stuffed the hat before I finished sewing it to the hat. I also put a line of glue along the visor part of the hat so that the hat would have more shape. I then found some misc. pins from previous cons and stuck them to my hat. (At Fanexpo, a fellow TWEWY cosplayer gave me a player pin, so I replaced one of my pins with that)

The armband was made out of spare yellow fabric from the vest.

The necklace was hard to find reference for. People seem to think she's wearing a cross, but it's actually a puzzle piece. I found a few ref pics from the game, then copied the shape onto cardboard. I cut the piece out, then traced it twice onto silver paper and glue it all up. I then found two black shoelaces and taped them to the back.

I also made Mr. Mew (fighting size), but it's basically an overiszed teddybear. Any white parts were stick-on felt. THIS IS NOT CUTTING CORNERS, IT REALLY WORKS. It also helps keep the ears up, and gives the paws their cylindrical shape.
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Series The World Ends with You
Character Shiki Misaki
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