Lord Canti




3 days to make...was fun but hectic! XD (going to make it better...so...tearing apart legs and..
Some of the helmet.


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Created 10 years ago
Series FLCL
Character Lord Canti


Kenkaya Amazing! Especially the helmet!

Akahime omg, this is pretty epic! <3 Very nice! :D

KitoCosplay Awesome!

zizi994 This is such an awesome idea. :D

Ambulinator AWESOME!!!! :D


Hiryuu Love this!

CocoW- OMG!!! So cool!!! You're a very great Terebi-kun !!!!

starshine530 That is really amazing! Didn't the costume get hot at all during the con?

flymetocallisto Dear mother of pearl this is amazing!

Trir This is awesome. Great job.

Koisnake Whoah, only three days to make? Epic!

CrimsonCamellia Your so damn amazing and hardworking this is like the best costume ever or it will be once you finish!!XD

Thumbalina This is amazing o3o

~H~ I really hope you can take this to a convention someday! I'm sure it looks even more incredible in person ^_-.

Flora88 This is wonderful! Hooray for FLCL! You, sir, have mad skillz. With a z. And thank you very much for the comment, by the way. I'll try to be careful with that eight-pound monstrosity on my head ; )

Purified Ace simply epic, mate.

Snow-Storm great Job, you costume looks awesome

OniCourseMusha Amazing! Hope you can get that done and show it off!

saphira ohhhhhhh. sweet!