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Ok so these days I'm kinda in a "cosplay dry spell" I guess you can say(well not really wit this and lenalee again) but before I was. So I was looking for some pictures of mikuru because originally I was gonna cosplay another variant of her the version from this haruhi game or something where shes got a fully clothed pink dress or something(yea the fujyoshi wearing pink o_O)

I looked all over the place and couldn't find it but then I saw a different outfit dubbed "goth lolita mikuru" and once I set eyes on that the first thought running through my head was "oh my goodness I HAVE to make this !!". Wit that and my lenalee cosplay planned for animeNEXT '10 I suppose the color theme is black.

Leg warmers: made em from scratch, I got the eyelets and belt buckle for the top 'a them. I noticed that they had a ruffle so what I did was I put the ribbon inside and sewed another fabric on the inside and pulled the ribbon through the front hole to tie it(kinda like athletic pants are made. Funny thing the D hooks I used in my lenalee cosplay I only used 2 for that and had 2 more left to use for the belt buckle things ;p /heh always recycling ;p

Arm warmers: were pretty simple I meant for them to be more fitted but at the time I was running low on that fabric. Good thing I had most of my previous elastic because the newer one I used for the petticoat and all was kinda cheap.

Shirt: Another simple thing, ya know it just seems if I think it I can do it and almost see whats ahead. Since I couldn't find black eyelets I used bronze colored ones which were in a pack of 50. I was able to divide and distribute them evenly even though the front part was kinda uneven in my eyes. I got white buttons 3 packs of 4 and I used most 'a them but on the very top ended up using a hook and eye to "close the top".

Tie: Well I thought it woulda been kinda useless to just buy a tie for something I might only be wearing once if not any other time so I decided to make one from scratch. I just looked at the tie in the picture closely and tried to make that exact thing. I kinda messed up and had to make it thinner but it looks ok. I feel like its short though but meh.

Petticoat and skirt: now how ironic is it that I practically stressed about doing this part the most but it was actually easier then I thought. Petticoat in general is actually easy to make its just time consuming. I managed to get the right amount of poof wit just 3 layers. I did see a tuturial on how to make a petticoat but I didn't follow it step by step I just improvised most 'a the way and winged it the rest /heh I might do a little ruffle at the bottom for it but I don't know yet. For the most part and this is kinda a mistake but its too late now but everything is in the base including the red and black flaps which when I looked a second time were supposed ta be on top 'a the petticoat but below the actual skirt but like I said too late. Also make the ruffles on the bottom from scratch in the same fabric used for the skirt on top. The skirt was altered to about an inch shorter in lenth.

belt: well I figured I'd throw something together wit an actual belt buckle but I ran out 'a eyelets to hook it wit so I just did 2 hook and eyes for it instead. I did insert the bigger eyelets for the chains to go through atleast. I had little I guess they are curtain holes or whatever(they look like key rings) going through all the holes. Then I can get the chains on easier ;p

Chains: when I stopped at micheals to get more eyelets for something else I noticed they had some jewelry type chains. I got some in silver, and apparently it measures up to 4 feet! Thats practically perfect and it fit the belt perfectly. Its also the only thing I actually didn't make a side from the eyelets, belt buckles, wig, and ribbons

This cosplay is now complete and I've already chosen the wig I'm wearing wit it. Had to fix the wig up a little and now its as good as new :'D

almost that is ;p


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