Yamada Hanatarou




Hanatarou’s just pure fun at a Convention. You can just do every funny posing you want, needn’t to play the extraordinary cool type of character all the time and not to forget the ultimate 4th division bag that goes with the cosplay. Very handy^^. Also nice: The cosplay’s never complete. I always find new acessoirs I want to do. E.g. borrowed a brush for it once, another time a little flask for Shinten, made an edible form of his pill, Hisagomaru will be next… And of course he is one of my fave chars from Bleach. The always nice and helpful but unsure and clumsy guy everyone looks down upon who doesn’t seem to get anything done in the near future (except for patching up Ichigo ;)). But nonetheless he protects his friends in his own way and in hopeless situations he can show a surprising courage. Oh, well and I’m a fan of the 4th division. Paradoxically of all shinigami I like the healers best.^^


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Character Yamada Hanatarou


IluvShinji! Can you possibly give me some good advice or suggestions for putting together a Hanatarou Cosplay? (IE: Sites for wigs, kimonos,etc.)

BisectedBrioche It's nice to see some love for the poor guy. Awesome satchel.