Princess Sakura

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



It's all here!!!! XDXD


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Princess Sakura
Variant White Dress


namine1987 so cute!

Stina006 Sakura chan! it's so cute~!

SuperBee Beautiful! If only I had your talent!

Rogue-dono ZOMG!! This is so wonderful!!! Very beautiful!

klassiandreams This costume is a fantasy. :)

Zhelly Wow, you're a beautiful Sakura!! I love your dress and choice of location, everything is perfect!

Trir Beautiful dress and photoshoot. You make for an amazing Sakura.

Rogue-dono This dress is so gorgeous! You make s really pretty Sakura! So ethereal!

shadowbeam Wow you look so beautiful, and the dress is simply stunning, you look so angelic!

carladawn lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

momoiru1994 it's great ^^

Thowra This costume is so amazing i love it!

13Kai-Kai Absolutely adorable!

Thearah So cute! This is adorable, you pull her off great!

keruni I remember you from MomoCon! I was Ty Lee =] I have your pic uploaded on photobucket, so I hope you like it!

Lushi Hey! I saw you at Momocon! I love the neck piece for this dress in particular! ^.^ It's so lovely!

JeshaxMutsuko I love it!<3 Can't wait to see the costume!<3 By chance, where did you get your wig? I'm looking for one for mine DX