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This was originally a surprise, last-minute, no-budget cosplay for the ALA2010 FMA gathering. ^v^ I was getting excited about videoing the upcoming FMA gathering that my brother was moderating. And I felt so bad about not following-through on any new cosplays for my next convention, even when I had soooo many plans! So, I threw together my first Sloth cosplay with things already lying around the house. The dress, is an old, favorite dress of mine, worn backwards, because of the patch of embroidery in the front. It just so happened to always be a little too long in length. Perfect for Sloth. ^-^ I had to wear a black tank top underneath, to make up for the way dresses slope down in the back. I couldn't even get any long gloves in time! @[email protected]! I had to wear black armwarmers and short gloves. The Homunculous emblem is painted with red nailpolish, through a stencil that I made with a plastic sheet, from my art supply stock. The red details are ribbon glued to tie wire, shaped around my waist, with circles of stiff/starched felt glued to the ends. But being forced to be less perfectionist through this cosplay, made it a lot of fun! ^o^ And people complimented it, so I guess I pulled it off even with last-minute, zero-budget. ^v^

By Anime Expo 2010, I had completely re-done this costume, though it still looks the same. But I bought a brand new dress, specifically for this cosplay, and added some red ribbon and snap-buttons for the red circles (made out of red craft foam and stiff/starched red felt). To make my Sloth more unique, I added some water arms. The water arms are white veil fabric with strips of blue sheer ribbon inside. There are slits to allow for my arms to peek out, when I need them.


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