Marida Cruz

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn

@Mirai Noah


Bling Bling Zeon. First and probably last time I'll make a Zeon uniform. But Marida is pretty bad ass. I chose to do the novel artwork version instead of the anime version because Yas > the world.

I drafted the pattern for the vest myself and I sewed all the gold bias tape and golden cord by hand. The yellow things on the belt are good ol' craft foam. I made the hair tie as well. The shirt, boots, and wig are from other cosplay. The pants were thrifted.


@Mirai Noah
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Series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Character Marida Cruz
Variant Novel Cover Art - Zeon Uniform


herr_major_is_i hey, nice work! i love the cosplay!... Hail Zeon, Großadmiral Alexander awaiting orders :3