This one was fun to make. And my FIRST ever attempt to sew a costume! I was taught how to sew by my gorgeous and talented Girlfriend. <3 ^_^
The cowel was the fun part. It was a giant arc cresent shape pattern that was drawn freehanded.
The gloves were just mother f******! They have a bajillion whip stitches in them XD. They are tight on my hands, but look good and the same grey material from the hood and shoulders.
My favourite was the little stitches. I spent enough love on cutting each individual line stitch on the smile, and the shoulder poncho thing, and glued them individually with a tiny toothpick and a pair of tweezers. The boots are sprayed Value Village 5 dorrah boots, the pants are velvet cotton, and the shirt is just a normal black longsleeve tee!
Also, this costume was 10am, the day OF the con. XD
It's fun to wear and hard to see out of =P


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Scotland Hard This is absolutely incredible.

Thekingofspace Candlejack? Great Wor-----

NekoPurin I just got SO HAPPY OMG. You make a great Candlejack! :)

Angelx624 LOL Candlejack!!! XD Uh oh, I said hi--

MissKitsune LOL! oh my! xDD! he sounds niiiccce. <.< : ) nyaha

MissKitsune O: I don't know who candle jack is. but it looks good so far. : )

youmee400 Candle Jack! Oh wow I can't wait to see this it will be awso---

Miranda-chan Oh my gawwwds you're going to make such a great CandleJack! I can't wait until MTA