Death the Kidd

Soul Eater

@Bur Loire
I made a long time ago and then never wore it until 2009. Like....nearly two years after i "made" it XD

At NYAF 2009 I got to work with Funimation to promote Soul Eater and had the chance to wear the "offical death the kidd" costume. XD Its so nice and fancy omggg. But anywho....we also did a promotional skit from episode 6 (with some tweeks), where we acted out the motions and the voice actors read the lines. ITS HILAROUS. XD

And it goes without saying that all gun sound effects should be "GUN GUN GUN GUNNING. DOUBLE GUN. MORE GUNNING. SYMMETRY IS AWESOME."

Link to skit vid ===>
@Bur Loire
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Series Soul Eater
Character Death the Kidd

Maka_Albarn_XD ааааа very pleased! I want to) very nice) love the Kido-k

AsakuraYoh Very´perfect Kid, i love it =333 Kissus

Heartless Halo ohhh very nice DtK! I wonder if anyone got our Excalibur poses >.<

rofltrain Nice dtk! Great job on the wig too, alot of people mess up there but yours looks spot on!