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I started playing Tales of the Abyss because I saw and adored the character designs and wanted to see if I'd love the characters just as much. I did, and Guy in particular just clicked for me. He's a lot of fun to cosplay and I anticipate many variant costumes to come.

I had a lot of fun choosing fabrics for this costume and put a lot of thought into texture, colour and practicality (an important consideration if you're adventuring all over Auldrant in only one outfit). Guy ended up wearing a leather tunic (it's really pleather, but shush), sueded leather boots and gloves and a linen shirt. I feel like they're all textiles that could exist in the ToA universe, though I still have no explaination for the tightness of his pants.

This was the first pair of gloves I made, and they were a learning experience to say the least! Also my first time spiking a wig, and I'm very happy with the result. I also put a lot of thought into the proportions of this costume and really making it look like the character just stepped off the page...I hope I succeeded!


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Series Tales of the Abyss
Character Guy Cecil


Shashe I might be going to Youmacon as Anise! :D If I'm able to go, can I ask what day your going as Guy?

darkness_89 Great cosplay of Guy you did a great job.^-^

lilaznfreak Perfect :D

Lycorance WOW... if I didn't know any better I'd think you WERE Guy... great job! You do look like you stepped out of the game! Beautiful pictures, too!

Tanoshii-Chan Sweet Guy~! :D

Riyu Mira Awesome Guy soaplay, I met you at the last Katsucon. I was one of the Luke's at the Tales photoshoot. I have a pic of my luke cosplay in my gallery.XD

Naxel Amazing cosplay !

magehikari Love your Guy 8DD so cool! XDD i heart youu

Rose of Battle Ah, my comments keep getting cut off everywhere I post. XD You're super amazing and I absolutely loved your cosplay from the moment I saw you and loved it even more when we hugged! Your outfit feels and looks so comfortable! And you did a super awesome job on the wig. I hope to see you again in the future! :D <333

Rose of Battle Guyyy!!!! <33333 I told all my friends about how much I loved you and my boyfriend was jealous of how much it seemed like I was in love with you. :P You make an amazing Guy. Your costume seems so comfortable! It sure seemed so when I hugged you! The wig is fantastic as well. All of my TotA friends who couldn't make it to Katsucon are in awe of how amazing of a Guy cosplayer you are. I hope to see you again sometime in the future! :D <333

Krissay-face I saw you at Katsucon! I wanted to tell you I loved you, but you walk really fast. :P Great costume! It looks amazing. I especially love the wig.<3