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So My first Con ever in 04 I decide I'd be my favorite anime character at the time Kagome! I was 14 at the time and I had no idea how serious cosplay can get! I actually made this costume twice because when I was 14 I went to the dollar store and bought a white shirt and added everything. When I got to Acen I realized how bad my cosplay was. =(

Than than year for Kunicon in St.louis I decided I was going to re-make my costume and get shikon no tama shards in a tiny bottle, make a yellow book bag, make a bow (which i did NOT make, my father did because my parents said I could not play with power tools) and re-make the skirt. Needless to say from Acen to Kunicon my Kagome cosplay improved like 100%!

Now looking back im still not 100% happy, I'd like to make a different better bag and a skirt that has actual pleats and a red bow that is actually tied around the neck not just sewed to look like it.

My mother was kaede (I was too young to drive to acen hahaha) I'm Kagome and my Best friend is Inuyasha. hahah. I made Inuyasha wig and it was... ugh a big pain! HAHAH It sat on her head like a ya mica... I'm obviously no wig pro! bwhaha


p.s I totally met Scott McNeil in this costume and he scream "KKKKAAAAAAGGGGGGOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEEE" when I walked up to him!!


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Character kagome Higurashi


Missyeru Thank you!! lol I'm so young in these photos it makes me cring

bossbot cute costume and hilarious encounter with Scott! He's hilarious!