Fai D. Flowright (Child - black)

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle



This is from a black and white splash page that features all the characters as children.

Since it is a black and white image I tried to use the shading in the picture and come up with a color scheme that matched that as well as the colors Fai normally wears. The blue design is hand dyed using cotton balls to get a type of "tie-dye" look to it versus just straight blue or white. I then cut out the shapes and appliqued them onto the black fabric.

This is actually a completely reversible outfit. I made it on the back of my other young Fai outfit so that I can just turn it inside out and use the other outfit if I wanted. (Saves on closet space which I am quite limited on at the moment XD)

All of it is handsewn though there isn't that much sewing needed for this outfit. This is my first time using the dying and applique method but I kind of like the effect it gives.


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Series Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle
Character Fai D. Flowright (Child - black)


MiddayIce sure let me find it and ill sendi t to you. ^_^ i would love to get your pick again this year

MiddayIce *squeel* i remeber you from last year with sakura and lee. ^_^. i posed you behind them and had him on a knee infront of her. ...sorry for rambiling. I LOVE YOUR costume. So detailed ^_^. and you make a great fai.

akaisha0 You are insanely talented.