This costume i'm thinking is going to be the most fun i've had with cosplay yet... AND ITS NOT EVEN MADE YET!! All my buddies are dying to see me pull this off and I know im not going to let them down ^_^. Be sure to be at Megacon this year because Saturday is going to be Freakazoid crazy!!!


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Series Freakazoid!
Character Freakazoid


JFBount The feet and gloves we're actually spandex that was sewn onto the rest of the outfit!. Everything on this costume was made from scratch. The suit was made by my friend Ana Aesthetic while that monstrous wig I had to construct myself. Hopefully you will find everything you need for your Freakazoid! and thank you for the awesome comment! Best of luck!

truetimfoolery Your costume is amazing!!! Might I ask where you ordered/got the white feet and gloves? Links if possible, I'm looking to create a Freakazoid costume for the end of April, 2014 and those are spot on! Awesome job!

Ken_sama Now this is a character I've never thought anyone would dare cosplay. Great job, I'm speechless. Thanks for your comment =D

holleywane what did you use to get your skin blue?

Prota-Girl This was epic. Superbly epic. it was so awesome walking around with you! I hope we can do it again sometime! ~ Candle Jack