Diagnosed as Aino Minako

Aino Minako

Sailor Moon

School Uniform

Cosplayer: Diagnosed
Ah yes, my first costume... I made it for my first convention experience and was so inspired by everyone! Especially that dancing Cactuar XD!

I thought the blue material was supposed to be this dark because of an off-coloured picture from the manga. Haha back in the day before I even considered it a hobby! My mom helped me with it. We fought a bit because I was trying to be too picky about the shape of the collar XD.

I got the communicator watch with one of the Bandai 11" doll bonus sets from Costco... in like '98... >.>. It has removable caps so it can be used for all 5 inner senshi. So sad it's dirty from all those years of use T^T. I really loved it!