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Sanji is my favourite character from One Piece (and that's saying something since I love all the characters); so when my cosplay group decided to go as characters from One Piece, I just had to grab him!

I do regret to say that I won't be wearing his trademark double-breasted jacket, with its big gold buttons, though. Instead, I will be sporting his pink apron, complete with the panda design painted on. Hopefully, I can also get my hands on yellow sunglasses that are the right shape.

The version posted here is not the finished version.


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Series One Piece
Character Sanji


KitoCosplay Looks good! Seeing the spatula makes me want to cook something

Tealeafy Very nice Sanji cosplay! The cigar was a nice touch. The whole group looks wonderful.

momoiru1994 omg i lover your sanji!

ako_pah Incredible Sanji, I love it.........(+,+)

SilverStarboy Awesome Sanji! Love the sunglasses!

Thearah This is SO awesome! Great job. :3

Raven382 You look awesome as Sanji!

S0methingW!cked Awesome Sanji! :D