Fuu & Jin

Samurai Champloo



Commissioned from the lovely and talented Rui of Cosplay.com. Her work is amazing, if you want something commishioned I highly recommend her. She made both Fuu and Jin's costumes.

I'm so glad I was able to convince my boyfriend to cosplay as Jin with me. I think Jin and Fuu are such a cute couple I couldn't resist, plus I'm a huge Jin fangirl ^^

I just noticed, we switched glasses ^^. I guess it worked out, since I'd walk into walls without them.


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Series Samurai Champloo
Character Fuu & Jin


Korinnies SO FRIGGIN CUTE!!! I wish my boyfriend would cosplay as Jin for me, lol. Everyone I know thinks Fuu and Mugen would be a good couple, I am a Fuu and Jin fan! <3