Kingdom Hearts II



I started this costume on time. I just spent so much time working on my Keyblade that I had to do pretty much the rest of this costume on the previous 27 hours before the con. I'm so glad this costume is rather simple... x__x
Umm... I really like how the hat came out. Actually I'm using it now even without this costume. On the opposite I'm not pleased with my shoes, I didn't use enough tape and in the end they fell apart. XD Fortunately I was able to fix them, but anyway.

For the first time in my life I took part in a "real" cosplay competition (that Halloween-thing doesn't count) and got to the finals~ 8D It was exciting, but I dunno if I'll ever do it again. I'm not really a competing type. Anyway, this costume was so so so much fun to wear!


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Created 12 years ago
Series Kingdom Hearts II
Character Sora
Variant Christmas Town form


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