The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The legend of zelda series is my most favorite of them all. Link has been my favorite hero since the first zelda game, and when I was young I wanted to be just like Link. I pretty much devoted my cosplaying to make every single Link costume, and do him justice!
The moment I saw his Village outfit from Twilight princess, well it wasnt what I expected, but I loved it. This costume was based off the official artwork, and screenshots from the game. And as soon as I saw the art to it, planning and construction began.

I was so excited about getting this costume done. It was finished and i debuted it at Anime Expo 2005.
Sadly no one but very few people knew who i was -_-. But honestly, I didnt really expect anyone to know.

This costume wasnt easy. there were so many parts involved. The apron part was the hardest..this was my first time quilting lol. im proud of my pants and yay..the whole thing *loves it all*

I tried to make it as authentic as possible, using fabric that would be suited for village/farm living.

I love it to death! im very proud of it, and i love my sandals! i made them from scratch, as well as everything else on the costume.
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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Link

Ammie I just need to drool a little bit here over your Link cosplay cause *_____* OMG WOW..if I didn't know any better I would say I'm looking at screenshots or movie stills. Truly Amazing work!! I always love your wig choices for Link, you got the right color and style going perfect for all of them. Wonderful work!

Kittychan213 Wow! Your cosplay is very awesome! You look just like link! You have some great talent PikminLink. ^0^

LandMonster Are you secretly Link in disguise? Because, you know, if you are, I'd like your autograph. Or at least a stalkerish, through-your-bedroom-window-at-night-from-a-tree-outside type photo. I'm half kidding.

AanZku WHOOAAA!! hi sexy :p

TwilightDragon I wish I had your talent!! ><

DarkNeko_DDB OMIGOSH! D: *faints* Your costume is so awesome! You look just like him! D: wow... You're... god!