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info copied directly from a description from a photo in my Iruka gallery:

"ah, my craptastic ghettotastic Iruka costume. i feel like i should apologize for it. at least, here's the story behind it and why im already working on version 2 of this costume:

on the day of the Naruto gathering AX06, my Iruka costume was still in pieces. about an hour before the volunteer meeting it was still in pieces. so, with the amazing help from ursumthinpretty sewing buttons and Adrianna D. safety-pinning items, i managed to *finish* the costume. finish as in hot glue the rest of the vest together, safety pin the patches on, and duct tape the bandages on since i didnt have medical tape. i borrowed my dad's shirt for the top (hence why i couldnt glue the patches on) and ursumthinpretty's sisters pants. my shoes were eh, at best, and i already have the supplies for the next pair (using the Liz.Spain tutorial and actually following directions this time! woohoo!). vest and patches are getting reworked and once winter hits, i'll be picking up my own sweatpants and turtleneck top, kthx."


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Series Naruto
Character Iruka
Variant supa ghetto-tastic version 1


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