Paine (Gunner)

Final Fantasy X-2



Yay for Paine cosplay^^

This costume wasn't exactly planned or anything, the idea just came to me in a dull & long winter *lol* and it was basically made using left-overs or materials I'd bought for other projects, though I still spent quite a lot of money on the studs & buttons and the fabric paint and dye. But for me, it's a relatively cheap & fun costume^^

It's comfortable to wear and I really like it, especially the materials (mainly different kinds of cotton fabric and smooth, real suede leather for the chaps & gloves!)

Cost: ca. EUR 45 / USD 60
Time: dunno, probably around 30 hrs

Worn again at GamesConvention 2007 on Thursday.

I made a tutorial for the gun, look it up in my gallery.
For photos of the costume, see the "Paine" album in my gallery!


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Paine (Gunner)


akaisha0 Most of Paine's outfits are just so hilariously designed no one can make them look anything less than that. You have managed to take an otherwise silly design (in my opinion) and make it something fantastic and sexy. Kudos~