Hurray for my first American Comic cosplay (first of many of the horizon). Michael Turner is my ultimate comic book god, so i REALLY wanted to do something of his. I debated on a few others, but it either came down too i was too pale or didn't have enough time. I was pleasantly surprised that the wings held up through the entire con (though i couldn't go outside or stand by air conditioning vents less the fall over). The wig was the product of my (for the first time) own hair dye, and came out better than i hoped. For the most part, only the head band and the glitter i got not sticking to the wig gave me grief, but i still love this costume <3.


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Series Soulfire
Character Grace


puzzlehead Yay! it's about time someone did a soulfire cosplay , awesome job too.

carladawn I'm not quite sure what this is but it is GORGEOUS!