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Air Gear

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So, Air Gear is my #1 anime/manga love. So its no big surprise that when Lind was introduced.....and the fact that I had just enough navy fabric lying around.....that I cosplayed him a week afterwards LOL!!!

Construction-wise this costume was interesting LOL. Up til this point all my costumes were basic lalallla easy peasy costumes. Since the only outfit Lind has been shown wearing (up til now) was totally trashed (aka sleeves and pants all ripped up lol) and O!G's style is all.......HA! at gravity, I figured I'd try some wirework for once~

I used 24 & 26 gauge wire inside the sleeves (which the whole costume is fully lined). I ripped/cut the 'shredded' bits of the costume and then added the wire afterwards. The zipper details are semi-original, because in the close up of Lind's face you can slightly see that there is some kind of pocket-esque looking bit, which I decided had white piping and a zipper as well LOL. So....yeah. That part is totally my design. XD

The wig is hand dyed (though I did mostly just tinting work rather than totally changing the colour), trimmed and styled and believe it or not doesn't take very long at all to do. If you have the right stuff LOL.

Lind is awesome. Air Gear is awesome. SO MUCH AWESOME!


@Bur Loire
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Character Lind Wanijima


MDA I love you for this.

XxStryfexX Great cosplay!!! congratulations! *0*

asakura R Lind! Bloody Road! Original Gravity Ghild! This cosplay is awesome XD

Minami-Itsuki totaly awsome!

daigotiga92 ano~~ what is this char? is this form Air Gear ? (sorry,totally forgot) anyway,is this Nue ? or really other char with name Lind Wanijima ? and what is Lind Wanijima doing or act/position in Air Gear? Sorry if i'm asking foolish question ..

Chidorime In love with your Lind-cosplay *_____*

Shuu-san Can I have Lind's bastard love-children?

Hinahase sorry that I write again buit I just cen't get enough of your Lind Cosplay! It's just to friggin awesome! <3