The Five Star Stories



Ahhhhh what can I say about this monstrosity.... I love Five Star Stories so much, but the costumes are very difficult (and uncomfortable) as I found out.

May as well start at the top!

HAT: Made from upholstery fabric, front detailing in craft foam, the horns are hollow made from my home recipe paper-clay over an armature of steel mesh (super lightweight!).

UNDER-DRESS: yellow mystery fabric, hand painted with flame motifs on the forearms, gathered with elastic at the wrist and elbow. the white hood (wimple, whatever it is?) is also sewn into this dress and was a huge bitch to pattern, it could use improvement.

CORSET: Patterned from scratch, my first time making one! English coutil flat-lined to red silk shantung, 24 hand cut and tipped steel bones, back lacing and front busk, and finished with hand cut bias tape. Point boobs remind me of Madonna hahaha.

OVER-SKIRT: Orange cotton drill, gradient dyed by hand with Jacquard dye-na-flow, lined in black cotton.

CLOAK: That fur thing is totally retarded, but nice and warm, holds its shape with a large piece of heavy gauge wire inside it. The cloak itself is made of 3 layers of fabric: black silk lining, brown middle layer, and an overlay of patterned sheer white fabric for the texture.

WAIST ORNAMENT: or crotch guard perhaps lol? made from craft foam and assorted chain links.

Photos coming soon! Have to wait for summer to end before I can shoot this one, it's way too hot in Brisbane right now.


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Series The Five Star Stories
Character Nein
Variant Empress of Flame


bluestbunnie You have such a pretty face! I love this!!