Tokiko Tsumura

Buso Renkin



I love this. *___*

Though it was a rather spontaneous cosplay I took my time to make it instead of rushing to get it done in time for the con. Thats why I'm pretty satisfied with how it came out. ^^

The only down side was that I was very often mistaken for Sailor Moon or Sailor Mercury (or even Ikkitousen). Dx People need to watch Busou Renkin! (though some people still recognized me as Tokiko, which made me very happy <3)

I'm also planning to make a Valkyrie Skirt. If I'm lucky a friend will help me a bit, since I'm a total noob at building guns/weapons/accessories.

But Tokiko is such an awesome and strong character, she needs a prop to kick peoples butts. &gt;<


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Anna_Sagara Whoah whoah whoah! You make a pretty Tokiko-san! Thank u T.T

Ryuseieastgate finally a few buso renkin rare and yet they never get old