Final Fantasy XIII



Costume Updates:

1- [to be rewritten]

2- [rewrite]

3- [rewrite]

4- [rewrite and post photos :) ! ]

Thanks for the support and inspiration to :

Anathiell,Shouri No Hana,Yumcarrots and the many many more lovely ladies that helped me out on !


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Series Final Fantasy XIII
Character Lightning


BraveKnight Very cool Lightning! AND nice costume choices =)

ashelia89 Liliana thats one of the best compliments I've received !!!! Im SO HAPPY YOU LIKE IT !!! ^__^

Liliana Ashelia, I'm lost for words on how amazing this is. You pulled Lightning off so amazingly well! I think it's very accurately made. *_* I love it! Awesome job!

ashelia89 Awww thank you Lycorisa! That would be SO awesome ^__^!!!

Lycorisa waah! I would love to take photos with you! I love your Lightning! Beautifully done^^

ashelia89 Hey Zeldafanatic !!! nice to see ya here @ ^__^! *hugs* thank you for the comment :D

Rinkuchan great lightning! alo~ this is zeldafanatic from deviantart~~ :D

ashelia89 oh ^_^ thank you Prota-Girl ! I'm currently redoing some of the items in this cosplay so i should be having a better version up soon :) I looked into your gallery :D i remember you around the forums ! you have that awesome trinity blood cosplay!

Prota-Girl Oh my goodness! This is fantastic! You did an elegant job! Amazing! <3