Hee-Hee as Ex-mode Ultimecia

Ex-mode Ultimecia

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

EX-Mode / Griever

Cosplayer: Hee-Hee
[ Info slowly being added. ]

Dress - The dress was made with red and black cotton velvet from SyFabrics. I bought 3 yards of red and 2 of black, and I've got pleeenty left over (I'm going to be adding to the train with the firey/torn pattern later, so this is a good thing!). I started with a simple pattern I drafted from my Winnifred gown, and then I took it in for that hourglass shape, while still keeping it open in the front. It was tricky, but I'm very happy with the fit (though it could stand to be a smidge tighter right at the waist). In order to do the gradient effect, I found that, suprisingly, a black enamel spray paint did a great job, though I'll be going back in with black fabric paint once I get my airbrush machine going!

Wings -

Griever Arms -

Griever Headdress -

Fake Arms - The base of these fake arms is 9 gauge wire, encompassed in thin mattress foam and then leggings. A big thanks to Score for helping me shape and cover them! They just slide right on over my head and dangle freely-- despite their lack of hands, a lot of people said they looked like my real arms, which is what I was hoping!

Wig - The wig as it currently stands is just a fluffed-to-high-heaven Punky. However, once I finish the wig it will contain loads of extensions and the style will be accurately spiked instead of just a big fluff ball.

Still To Do -