The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess



This was my first attempt at Cosplay. I had never attempted to sew or make props at all prior to this attempt, so I'm extra proud of the finished product.

The tunic was made from a green microsuade. It had the perfect texture, colour and was resistant to tearing. The white undergarments were slimmed and tailored to better resemble Link's clothing. The leg-portion of the boots and the gauntlets were made from a faux leather, which incidentally doesn't tear, so it was perfect to just cut thumb holes into without having to design gloves out of the material. The sword and shield were based on Team Rocket's tutorial, with modifications for the Twilight version. Polyeurathane foam, foam core, Fun Foam and spray paint were the main ingredients. I also altered the back of the shield, and decided to not put a forearm strap on the back for stability. By not including this, I was able to instead secure neodynium magnets both in the gauntlet on my left arm (shield wielding), and on the scabbard on my back, which ultimately allowed me to swing the shield around with my arm and secure it to my back. This way, the shield would face upright on my back, and on my arm.


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Series The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Character Link


Merodi Very cool~ I love the shield especially. :)