Dead or Alive 4



Character: The good girl ninja of the Dead or Alive franchise...Kasumi turned down a chance to be one of the Masters at her dojo to avenge her brother by finding his attacker in the Dead or Alive tournament.

Costume: From the top down....The wig isn't 100% accurate for her haircolor, but I wanted something that looked natural for me. With my warm undertones, an orange based red would look ugly, ugly, ugly, hence the blue based red I have. The costume is made from white bridal satin, doubled up so as not to be see-through. I used Simplicity pattern 3775 for the chest and stomach area. I free drafted the front and back panels. The cherry blosssoms and back sigil were hand painted on. (I have to give a very special thank you to AuraRinoa and instantkarmie for their tips, and *hugs* to AuraRinoa for sending me a copy of the sigil to make a stencil!) The arm guards and shin guards were free drafted, and made with non-stretch vinyl.

Final thoughts: First off...if you use Simplicity's 3775 pattern, either use stretch fabrics (as the package recommends) or you'll do a LOT of modifications. *I didn't notice until I bought it* I've got mixed emotions about the paint job....sometimes I love it, sometimes I cringe internally. I'll chalk it up to A Learning Experience...


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Series Dead or Alive 4
Character Kasumi
Variant White and Red Variant


Gloha_h Thank you! I plan on redoing the pink blossoms on the skirt part...I want delicate pink cherry blossoms, not large pepto-bismol blobs. :)

Darksidworld29 Love it looooove iiit!

Gloha_h *hugs* Thank you so much!

Red Destiny I saw you at San Japan, amazing Kasumi btw! ^v^