AkaneSaotome as Luna


Sailor Moon S: The Movie

Human form

Cosplayer: AkaneSaotome
Base wig was bought from a friend with straight cut bangs. Bangs were curled, and odangos were made using smooth styrofoam balls and loose black extensions wrapped around them. Black felt was added to the bottom of each ball so I could hand sew and easily remove the odangos from the wig if needed later.

Earrings, Necklace, and anklet are made using swarovski crystal element beads, crimp beads, bliss gold pearl beads and 7 strand gold jewelry wire. The moons were made from sculpey and hand painted.

Neck Ribbon is bias tape, Hair pearls are just attached to a clear hair comb. Shoes were bought.

The yellow overdress is made from Broque Satin and was a modified sundress pattern, top half is lined. The black long underskirt is a separate piece, and is made from Casa Satin. Modified circle skirt pattern to make it overlap. Rolled hemmed the bottom to give the wavy look.