Shirosaki Ichigo




Created in 2010, The project started in July, right after the release of Bleach Chapter 410. We were currently working on Vasto Lorde Ichigo when we read this chapter. My friend and I looked at each other, and agreed, this costume had to be attempted.

We took what we already had, which was the mask, and made it black for the costume, and then just obtained the robes and black fuzzy wrist cuffs.

The robes were bought from Milanoo, then retailored to fit my frame, and lined with my old Ichigo Robes for the inside black lining. The fur for the collar was made of 1 inch pile faux fur, and the wrist cuffs were pre-bought raver cuffs. The Sword is just a black Tensa sprayed white.

The mask is made from Paper Mache. we used another visored mask as a base, and layered it 4 times. For the teeth, we used french cut nails, and then lined the inside with a white see-through fabric. The horns are just single layered paper print-outs.


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Series Bleach
Character Shirosaki Ichigo
Variant Full Mask Hollow.


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