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oh man i sure love rikku, and i love this cosplay. it is so fun to wear, very comfy, and having blades is such a blast. for this costume i made all the clothing articles, but the blades were made by cerulean draco and the wig was by taiyo wigs. they both did great jobs.

it was so fun cuz i got to wear this outfit with my friend brooke (kenon2) as yuna so we made a awesome team, hopefully we will find a paine someday.
Top~~ was made from cotton material i scrounged around for. i hand dyed the yellow and the orange was from an old steelers shirt that i destroyed. i made sure to include the buckle on the black leather for accuracy and wala a top.
Skirt~~ made from green blue jean type fabirc. it was a pain for me to add the top fold over part cuz i wanted no seems like hers, but i figured it out. also made darts, and i used hand dyed string through the gromets to match the string on the top.
Belt~~ most people make there from vinyl it looks like, but her belt looks way more like fabric to me. maybe i am crazy. i included every detail on the belt, even making the pouches rounded at the bottom. the only thing i don't like about the belt is the tassles seem to orange, but that is easily fixed.
Arm covers~~ made from dance fabric, if you cut it it won't fray. to get the bows to stay stiff i tied them then used flower preserver so they keep there shape.
colored contacts~~ yay i finally have another use for these, can't see in every pic but in some close ups they are there.
Scarf~~ this was the most challenging part. i had never knitted before and with help from many peopl giving me instruction and youtube, i learned. i knitted in the round and it took. i knitted white, in the round like rikku's scarf is knitted, and then i dyed it all.
Boots~~ the base of these are rain boots. sewed the blue boot covers including the laces and gromet. then i covered the boots in white panty hose cuz they weren't originally white and sewed the panty hose in place at the top of boot.
feather earring~~ well, glued a orange feather on top of a yellow, and then attached to earrings.
Gloves~~ made from suede reddish brown leather

TA DA and now you got rikku


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Series Final Fantasy X-2
Character Rikku
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Gummibar Your Rikku looks stunning! <3 I love how colorful it looks. Nice work!

Bunnjamin these are all great shots! you have a great photographer. mlar latrix

Suzie Blue Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy it looks soooo good!!! (Hiee, I'm one of the people that helped you with your scarf!! At least, I tried to ^.~) You make such a great Rikku. : )

knockiepooh http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31194163&l=fd0dfdbd2f&id=1080535079

Miyuki Kurosawa you make a great rikku!!