Nia Teppelin

Gurren Lagann

<b&gt;Construction Details:</b&gt;<br&gt;
I was one of those crazy people that decided to make this a few weeks before AX 2010. With obviously not enough time to have a body suit made and shipped for me I went ahead a made my own. Surprisingly it wasn't that hard to make! I used a metallic black spandex for the body suit which has a nice vinyl like shine but isn't has hard to work with or wear as vinyl! I really loved the material. Once the body suit was done I used chalk to draw the designs and then painted them with fabric paint. Blue bits were vinyl and wear either sewn or glued on. Shoes were just painted but are too small so I'll need to buy new one. Wig is the same as the one I used for my other Nia.

<b&gt;Personal Thoughts:</b&gt;<br&gt;
The boyfriend had dropped a few... not-so-subtle hints that he wanted me to do this costume. Also when I found out that Saku was wearing Starboobs that kind of sealed the deal. I find it funny that I got around to making a second Nia before making a second Yoko. lol Overall this costume isn't too bad to wear. The shoes are killer and being in a full body suit is a little awkward. In short I like this costume!
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Created 8 years ago
Series Gurren Lagann
Character Nia Teppelin

arceus4445 i think it would be cool if i did a male version of this cosplay however i might not wear heels maybe i could wear heels for the cosplay to be right. a lot of cosplayers that are male that do zaft cosplays from gundam seed wear heels or i could just go as another gurren lagann character in nia's anti spiral body suit i f i wanted too it might be pretty cool if you think about it. also i was wondering can have some reffernces for your nia anti spirl cosplay it would be a big help for me thank you =)

Normally Why does this not have more comments? It SHOULD have more comments. You're the best Messenger Nia I've seen yet! The fabric choices are great (I think metallic spandex is the best thing you could've used) and the paint job for the red lines is really clean. Your wig is fantastic-looking too. Excellent work!

temarinyo very impressive dark nia outfit!

KyasarinUriruzu Yeah! I saw you at AX and I think you did a great job!