Akio Ohtori

Revolutionary Girl Utena

@Mahato Shey-Kun


My second swing at the most sexually promiscuous dark skinned character in Anime history: Akio Ohtori from "Revolutionary Girl Utena" --the man who sleeps with EVERYONE in the show. EVERYONE. (Yes even the dudes).

The entire thing was made from scratch, without a pattern, and was a long, painstaking process of trial and error. The shoulder applets and gem are attached by Velcro, so they appear to be falling off at times.


@Mahato Shey-Kun
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Series Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character Akio Ohtori
Variant Duelist Uniform - Movie (TV Hair)


ironicmoronic24 A;SLDKFJA;;L I saw you at Anime North 2009!!!!!

MiaBathory *¬* OMG... you're so... like... HAWT!!

mirrorsaber The man who sleeps with EVERYONE! XD Love it and the costume.

ellbugbug Awesome cosplay *--------* you are an amazing akio

Aly-Kairi You're THE BEST Akio that I ever seen. I love your cosplay *_________*. I want an Akio XD!!!

aisurucheza Whoa you are an amazing Akio~! And congrats on making the outfit, that must have been a pain (Btw your Utena and Anthy look positively gorgeous too) I love seeing people doing the duelist version of him. I want an Akio even more after seeing this! Why is my Akio so useless :(

Cygna Uwaaah~ very nice! Win Akio is win :3

Deophest *A* you are a fantastic Akio! A job really well done~