Game Fuel Robot




Made from mountain dew boxes 20+


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Character Game Fuel Robot


Maurishio-kun ¬°Excellent job! It's funny to see that it didn't look like Mountain Dew boxes from far XD it looks really awesome.

LinkPwnsGanon Excellent work! :)

KitoCosplay Awesome!

booklover67 Woah. Really great idea perfectly executed!! Seriously good job on this.

seiryuux Great funny idea.

OMGwyn This idea is hilarious xD I love it you look so cool!

Wildeth so badass *__*

Foxtale Mountain Dew? Serious? You, sir, deserve massive skill points.

Lady Lore This is all kinds of epicly awesome. Excellent work! The detail is amazing!

Otaku5 !!!

ChibiMitzy I still find this entire suite to be amazingly well put together. It's almost unreal how awesome this turned out.

akaisha0 Holy cow! What a creative idea!! Further, amazing execution.

Thearah I still totally love this. I love Mountain Dew, and honestly, a robot. What could be better? Oh. A MOUNTAIN DEW ROBOT. Lol.

karlonne awesome job i still remember my garbage costume

Internet's Will thanks, just takes some PVC and a nerf gun, the Samaritan has been a pain in my ass though, I really want one, also this thing is awesome

jinglebooboo did you drink all that mountasin dew!! then u are what u eat/drink. heh heh. love this with a passion, so friggin cool and the boxes make the colors look really cool. is it hard to move in?