B. Orchid

Killer Instinct 2



Killer Instinct has a very special place in my heart. I played the games to death when I was little with my sister, so it has some very dear memories for me. All the characters are just so cool and unique, and you can tell Rare really cared about their game. Orchid's the poster girl, and I always played her in the game, so she was the obvious choice :)


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Last Updated 9 years ago
Created 10 years ago
Series Killer Instinct 2
Character B. Orchid


Alpha Proto It is time to bring this costume out of retirement! With the new games release this would be a big hit!

Ishimaru.93 It's been a long time since i've played dat game. Epic win to you for giving me my sense of nostalgia. :)

Cepillo Excellent !, this is a great job, congratulations !, you had applied an UUUuuuuultraaaaaa Coooooooomboooooooooooooo !

Motaku91 Amazing

TiberiusScipio Wait a second!

miamidragon305 your costume is badass! very sexy. did you make the boots too? mustve taken a lot of work

Dust Bunny Fantastic job on this costume. Congrats on the showcase!

KnowOne OMG!!!!! AWESOME WORK! My fav character from KI.

Bunnjamin congrats on the showcase! you deserve it. mlar latrix

otakitty Awesome! Haven't seen this in ages XD

Hopie You look amazing! Congrats on your showcase, it's well deserved! :3

Korinchan This is FANTASTIC! Congratulations on your showcase. It's like the character stepped right out of the game (she was always my favorite to play)! Well done!

Angeal awesome work and congrats

NiGHTmaren Congrats on showcase, you did an amazing job with a difficult design!

Miyuka GRATS! ♥

Curzon79 woot featured costume.. fantastic :)

CrimsonDenizen holy hellz youre crazy-sexy cool with a dash of awesome. nicely done ^^

LJIMagination This is one of my faves of your collection. Very sexy and super-cool!

Daya ~ Kairi You have AMAZING cosplays ! *-* I love all !

LiveProp Amazing work! Very sexy!