Dr. Dakota Block


So..this was my Halloween costume for 2009.

This year I really had a hard time choosing who I was going to be. Then I found this wig I had lying around unused for quite a long time - brainwave! ^^

I made the whole costume only a couple of days befor our party, so this was a bit of a rushed project, but I managed to get the basic things done in time. I'm still missing a few parts, like I only have one syringe instead of three, no syringe gun and the wrong shoes, but all these things shouldn't be much of a problem, if I'm ever really going to wear her again - which is much likely, because I loved it a lot! ^^
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Series Grindhouse
Character Dr. Dakota Block

glitter bomb ahhhhh! I love that you did a Dakota! and you went with the full-on, crazy, messy makeup version! that's been one of my fav characters for years. I always thought it would make a great cosplay. Wonderful job! The wig looks natural. :)