Arielle as Sailor Venus

Sailor Venus

Sailor Moon


Cosplayer: Arielle
One of my first cosplays in 2005, in fact, it was the very first costume I ever wore to a con...then wore it again in 2009 for ALA.

Can't take any credit for this one...I had it made for me years ago via online commission. The seamstress screwed it all up...used the wrong fabric, (non stretch SATIN ugh..instead of 4 way stretch cotton/polyester blend) sent it in the wrong size, (13 instead of 1!!!) so I had to take it to my taylor and have it fitted all over again. It's a miracle it's wearable haha. Honestly I don't know why I didn't send it back on the spot...

Had the costume altered a tiny bit in 2009 by my friend, Pam's seamstress. (Pam is my Sailor Mars). The sleeves were altered so I could raise my arms, as the first version was horrid non-stretch satin and didn't allow me to raise my arms higher than my chest lol. although not exactly what I was hoping for, the alteration helped in the comfort arena at least. Pam's seamstress also added the padded rings on top of my gloves, which in my opinion was a decent improvement. (-:

All that aside, I still had a blast being my fav sailor scout, Sailor V!

Wig is borrowed but I did style it myself, and the tiara & choker were made by me. ^___^ All pix are pretty recent...don't have any from 2005 from the first time around.

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