So I wanted to make one of the most inspiring animated characters of all time; one that has been parodied in popular culture dozens of times. Surprisingly, I couldn't find any evidence of a cosplayer making a fully-transformed Tetsuo.

I began by purchasing drywall stilts, then building legs around them out of chicken wire. The arms are hand-made arm extensions with more wire wrapped around it and heavy guage wire for the fingers. The base for the torso is a framed backpack while there's a bike helmet inside the head.

Everything was covered with beef clothe (which has a theoretically-infinite stretch) and then covered with layers of expanding polyurethane foam.

more to come later...


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Created 11 years ago
Series Akira
Character Tetsuo
Variant Transformed


Isugi wooooow

Kimlink just awesome!

DOOM-in-a-SKORT Your knowledge and experience with theatrical designs is pretty amazing. Pick it up on your own, or did you learn it from somewhere? Keep up the amazing work.

gir1234 It's diskusting. It's art. it's great. Your the man.

ToonMasta My word, that's amazing...

RelentlessSmile THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. Good job.