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I wore it at Coso Parade with a Naruto and Bleach group, and lots of people recognized us!

Photos in 2014 by Carlos de la Fuente.

Estimated cost: about 52 euros.

Making of process:

I love this character and this outfit! Sasuke is one of the most cooler and mysterious characters I've ever seen. You don't know what he is exactly thinking and what will he do, he is very similar to his brother, Itachi.

This costume was easy except for the rare blue skirt, finding the rope and the cost of the violet painting, which costs 12 euro because that exact violet tone doesn't exist and has to be made. I made the shirt with white "popelin" and the arms and legs protectors with a fabric that mix cotton and polyester in black color that I already had. I used the trousers I made for Gaara costume, and I did the rare blue skirt with a special fur fabric called "muflon" here. It has another name, but I don't remember. Uchiha symbol was made with red fabric similar to felt and black cord I already had. The sword was made of white cardboard, paper, silver and black synthetic paintings. The covers were made with black fabric similar to felt and black cord I already had. The most funny thing was making the chidori. I made it with cellophane wrapping paper, a styrofoam ball and pipecleaners. I paint some of the pipecleaners on electric blue acrylic painting for a better effect. I attatched it to my hand with velcro and elastic, holding it to the styrofoam ball with pins. For the rope, I had to go to a ship store and buy 5 metres of it, but I ended using only 4,5 metres.

I had to buy white ecologycal painting of 1 L. and mixed it with two indigo painting in tubes, special for creating violet tones. I mixed all togheter since I found the exact violet tone and painted the rope mixing the painting with water at equal proportions, and I had to paint it two more times. It was tiring, but worth the effort!

Finally, I cut and styled the wig. I first styled it with hair gel but the hair fell down. Then I learned that I had to use a special gelatin that is for sell in pharmacies called "cola de pescado". I used it to style my friend ShinnyUchiha wigs (Paine and Guy). I think the meaning is "gelatin leaves". It's a type of gelatin used for cook and styling hair. It is much better than hair gel because hair gel only works for real hair, but for synthetic hair wigs the gelatine leaves is strong like glue and it's washable. And only costs 20 cents of euro each! If you wanna use it, follow these instructions:
- Calculate how much water you will need to style the wig. I recommend 125-250 ml for short hair or simple hairstyles, and 250 ml for long hair or complicated-defying-gravity-hairstyles.
- Boil the water.
- Done? Now choose 2 tablets for 62,5 ml, 4 tablets of the gelatine if you boiled 125 ml, 8 if you boiled 250 ml and 12 if you boiled 500 ml. Cut them in little squares and throw them into a receptable along with the water. Remove it until it gets cold and let it settle until it gets a consistency similar to honey. The color is very similar too. Don't worry, it would be see-through when it get dry.
- Use it and style the wig as you like.
- Let it dry alone or use a hairdryer, but with cold air or the wig could be damaged.
- Pretty wig with strong hairstyle ready to use!


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