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Death Note



Misa Amane / Misa Misa / the Second Kira
Character: Misa Misa school girl
Series: Death Note
For: DCC, YMCA Convention at Santurce, PR. September, 2, 2007
Most fun: the Death Note, cute lil ribbon in the head
Most annoying: the bag! , walking thru the rocks and grass with the shoes, the heat!
Need to re –do: the wig, proper chains and crosses.
How it came to be: It happened that the previous week I was told of this small convention, the DCC at the YMCA and had no time to sew or send to made something and then I suddenly remember a skirt my mom had bought me a few week before. While walking around in an outside store sale, she took it and said: “hey look for one of those cosbies…” (Yes she call the cosplays cosbies…I have no idea why…) and she took out $1.oo and paid for it. Next thing I know I took it put it on and grabbed a shirt and a pair of shocks with some old school platforms shoes and ta-da! I had that high school Misa that is in inside Volume 4, chapter 28 “Judgment”. I was only missing the proper wig, so I improved with a short blonde wig and made to tiny lil ponytails on the side; took a piece of black veil and made a bow and sewed a lil skull on it. The red bow was a piece used for my ‘shaman king’ Ana headset and added a few chains and rosaries.
Misa Misa was created!
The biggest surprise was that the very same day there was the Animenia Event at Suncoast at Plaza so as we went to eat we passed by and singed in for the cosplay contest and I won my first prize ever!
“Honorary Mention” for my Misa Misa Cosplay! I totally didn’t expect it… I won a lovely manga by Wann “Can’t lose you” and a “Yu Yu Hakusho “movie. Yeay for me!


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Series Death Note
Character Misa Misa


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