Aerith Gainsborough

Final Fantasy VII



I love Aerith and she's such an awesome character.While many people love her just as many hate her. I figured it would be fun to try and cosplay her as one of my first few projects with my new sewing machine. Plus I knew everyone would know who I was and would be fun to be noticed in a new fandom!

The jacket, I found, was hard to make for a beginner. I mean, with no sewing knowledge at all! Sleeves are hard to do especially with such a rough course fabric. It's a little brighter red then I wanted but I also wanted the fabric to be rough and structured. Plus the white stitching was weird because you can't mess up.

The dress was made of a light pink linen fabric. It's a little see through so I'm thinking of using some spare white fabric and lining it so you don't see everything! But overall, once I got the hang of the dress it was a one-two-three kind of thing.. the only thing that was hard was the buttons. So annoying.

Now, I need a hair extension to make my hair long enough but I'm currently too broke to do that right now.. so my hair's going to be too short! Gah, how I hate myself.

I also didn't have brown boots so I bought really large means trouser socks in the elastic material and put them over my black rinoa boots! Instant boot covers.

I also decided to make the Guard Stick to bring as a prop so I made it out of two 5/8" wooden dowels, craft foam, hot glue, paint, and those little gems for home decor for materia. They have a neat swirl pattern in them that to me makes them more "materia-ish."

I will also be making a brown basket full of white daffodils, red tulips, and a few pink and orange flowers based on the PS3 Techincal Demo veiw of her basket just in case I can't bring my guard stick.

Total Work Time: 12 Hours.


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Series Final Fantasy VII
Character Aerith Gainsborough
Variant Adevnt Children / PS3 Demo


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