To Heart



It was over a year ago when I bought a t-shirt with a picture of Multi in it. (And Serio in the back.) Pretty soon I found out the characters and series' name and wanted to watch it, but I couldn't find it anywhere. This spring I finally got to watch it and I just loved it. ^^ I really liked Multi (and her ears :3) so wanted her to be my next cosplay. (Good, because I was already running out of ideas)

I didn't want to make a school uniform again, so I decided to make the gift outfit from episode 11. It was pretty easy and fun to make. The ears were the best part. I made the shape out of foam plastic and covered it with papier-mâché (what a weird word o_o). I sewed and glued them to a hairband and there's also a rubbed band in the back so they wouldn't move all the time.

At the con only a few people came to take photos and I not sure if anyone knew who I was cosplaying. The con wasn't too good either but I still had pretty fun.


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Series To Heart
Character Multi
Variant gift outfit (episode 11)


CandyGloss I love Multi!!! I'm planning on cosplaying as her too! any tips?