Yuko, Yûko, Yuuko Ichihara (butterfly dress)




It is from CLAMP and my name is mysterious, do I need to say more? ;-)

This costume took me a while to make it the way I wanted it – certainly with the XXX pearls! (Very long nights and long days!)
I had some issues with the black patterns, the butterflies and some red eye contacts but the result is awesome.
For the dress: dark red stretch fabric, lots of pearls (I will count them), black lame was used.
The gloves and shoes were bought but adjusted.
The butterflies, the knee band? and the Japanese smoking pipe were made by me.
Garnet’s wig was re-used and styled the way I believe Yuuko would do it since it is not very clear on the image.
My completed version was presented at Epitanime 2009 (FR).

Cosplayers and people who knew Yuuko were found of it. The best keeping-close-to-my-heart compliments I received: “You’re the best Yuuko I ever saw” (from a French cosplayer I adore) and “You really ARE Yuuko” .

Changed the wig, it needed a replacement as I was getting bold. ;-)
Changed some pearls and sewed some extra pearls on the dress.
As for MIA the act was changed for about 80%

TOTAL costs: about 180€


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Character Yuko, Yûko, Yuuko Ichihara (butterfly dress)
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AkoRedfield J'ai vu la vidéo de ta prestation à MIA ! Félicitations, tu es magnifique en Yuuko =]